March 9, 2022

Sections & Committees

At ACEP, there are many ways to become an active problem-solver. Our community is powered by EM physicians who have decided to work together for the greater good. 

We often get asked, how can I get more involved? Volunteering for an ACEP committee or joining a Section are two ways you can amplify your impact. Together, we can do more.

What are ACEP committees, and what do they do?

ACEP committees are work groups appointed by ACEP’s president-elect. Committees are assigned objectives through the Board related to the work of the College, including the implementation of Council resolutions. You can volunteer for a national committee at The deadline for 2022 committee applications is May 15. 
ACEP committees tackle big topics every year. Here are just a few highlights:

These committees are shaping daily practice while strengthening our future.

ACEP Committees: What's Your Passion?

Academic Affairs | Audit | Awards | Bylaws | Bylaws Interpretation | Clinical Emergency Data Registry | Clinical Policies | Clinical Resources | Coding & Nomenclature Advisory | Communications | Compensation | Disaster Preparedness & Response | Education | EMS | EM Practice | Ethics | Federal Government Affairs | Finance | Health IT | International | Medical-Legal | Membership | Chapter Relations | Nominating | Pediatric EM | Public Health & Injury Prevention | Quality & Patient Safety | Reimbursement | Research | State Legislative/Regulatory | Well-Being


What are ACEP Sections, and how do I join?

ACEP Sections are smaller groups within the College devoted to specific interests or career phases. Sections are open to any members, and you can get further involved by running for the officer positions of those specific sections. The officers set the agenda and help decide what projects and resources the sections will work on that particular year.
Like committees, sections are developing resources that help fill gaps.

 ACEP Sections: Build Your Community

Aerospace | Air Medical Transport | Women | Careers | Critical Care Medicine | Cruise Ship Medicine | Democratic Group Practice | Disaster Medicine | Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity | Dual Training | EM Informatics | Practice Management and Health Policy | Emergency Teleheath | Emergency Ultrasound | EMS-Prehospital Care | Event Medicine | Forensic Medicine | Freestanding Emergency Centers | Locum Tenens | Medical Directors | Medical Humanities | Observation Medicine | Pain Management & Addiction Medicine | Palliative Medicine | Pediatric EM | Quality Improvement & Patient Safety |  Research, Scholarly Activity and Innovation | Rural EM | Social EM | Sports Medicine | Tactical EM | Toxicology | Trauma & Injury Prevention | Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine | Wellness | Wilderness | Young Physicians


"The section concept works for myself and my peers because it gives us a voice. We meet regularly and as best as we can, and we talk about issues surrounding the Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity section. We have people from all over the country who have the same ideas and visions... having a voice on council is quite important. We have things we want to get done. We want to sort of make sure that the College as a whole represents inclusivity. And it's important to us as an objective and a goal, and having this section as a means of achieving that is critically important."

- Ugo Ezenkwele, MD, FACEP, from New York
ACEP Diversity, Inclusion & Health Equity Section


“When I first started coming to ACEP was right after fellowship... I started networking and getting involved with the International Section... Being a member of the section for that time -- being a councillor or being a secretary, on the currently the chair for International Section for this coming year. So by the virtue of being in ACEP, coming to these meetings, networking, meeting our colleagues, meeting our presidents or councillors, has really actually changed my career."

- Camilo Gutierrez, MD, FACEP, from Washington, DC
ACEP’s International EM Section

Get connected: Join a section today!

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