March 9, 2022

ACEP Council

As your College, we have many pathways available to address the challenges facing our specialty. Every channel is powered by EM physicians who have decided to join forces to make something better.

One of the main ways to be a change agent is to get involved with ACEP Council.

The ACEP Council is the foundation of ACEP’s democratic process, and the annual Council Meeting is where many current and upcoming issues for the specialty come up for deliberation. Through the resolution process, all ACEP members can get involved in key decisions that affect the work of the College in the years to come.

The Council is composed of emergency physicians who represent ACEP’s chapters (one voting councillor per chapter, plus one additional councillor for every 100 chapter members), sections (one voting councillor per section), and the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association (eight voting councillors), plus one councillor each for the Association of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine, the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors, the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, and the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians. 

The Council has several duties. It elects ACEP’s Board of Directors, Council officers, and the President-Elect of the College. The Council shares responsibility with the Board for initiating policy. In addition to serving as a sounding board and communication network for the Board, the Council also identifies issues for study and evaluation.
ACEP received more resolutions for the 2021 Council Meeting than ever before. Resolutions are formal motions that, if adopted by the Council, will become official Council policy. They provide a path for nonvoting members to weigh in on issues affecting emergency medicine even if they aren’t voting councillors. All ACEP members have the right to submit resolutions for consideration by the Council, but they must be submitted in writing by at least two members at least 90 days prior to the Council Meeting. ACEP chapters, sections, committees, and the Board can also submit resolutions.

Important Dates:

  • Council resolutions are due July 2, 2022.
  • The ACEP Council Meeting is Sept. 29-30 in San Francisco, prior to ACEP22 programming. 

Learn more about ACEP’s governing body and ways you can get involved in the democratic process.

Dig in: Did you know you can see progress updates on adopted resolutions on the ACEP website? 


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