November 11, 2021

EM Physicians Join Forces to Create Award-Winning COVID-19 Field Guide

In this video, ACEP members and staff tell the origin story of the COVID-19 Field Guide, a living resource that been utilized by emergency care clinicians in more than 160 countries.

More than 100 authors contributed to the Field Guide, a powerful demonstration of teamwork during a time of great uncertainty for frontline health care workers around the world. The Guide is a living resource that continues to be updated with the latest developments in the battle against COVID-19.

This video includes interviews with Brian T. Fengler, MD, Chief Medical Officer and founder of EvidenceCare; Stephen H. Anderson, MD, FACEP, an EM physician in Auburn, Washington; Sam Shahid, MBBS, MPH, ACEP Practice Manager & Editor in Chief of COVID-19 Field Guide; Chukwuagozie Iloma, DO, MHA/INF, an EM resident at John Peter Smith Health Network; Jessica J. Kirby, DO, FACEP, the ED Medical Director, John Peter Smith Health Network; and Jessica Whittle, MD, PhD, FACEP, Director of Research in the Dept. of EM at UT College of Medicine Chattanooga.

In September 2021, ACEP was honored with an ASAE Summit Award in recognition of the Field Guide's widespread impact on public health.


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