March 9, 2022

State & Federal Advocacy

ACEP has several channels available to address the challenges facing our specialty. Every path is powered by EM physicians who have decided to join forces to make improvements.

One important way to facilitate change is by getting involved with ACEP's advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels. 

ACEP’s advocacy team is consistently fighting for emergency physicians on issues that affect the specialty, from COVID concerns to surprise billing, from Medicare to physician mental health, from opioid treatment access to rural hospitals and everything in between. 

To make any progress in this partisan world, it takes all of us. ACEP’s Public Affairs team includes expert staffers who keep their pulse on all relevant legislative and regulatory activity to develop annual strategies. Federal and regulatory priorities are reviewed by the ACEP members who serve on the Federal Government Affairs Committee and are presented to the Board each January for approval. This pandemic has been an example of how quickly a legislative agenda can change and how important your input is during major grassroots efforts. Every time you join the cause by sending letters to your legislators, participating in virtual and in-person visits and sharing your own stories that humanize the issues, you are making a difference. 

The advocacy process doesn’t stop with getting a favorable bill – that’s when the regulatory process really kicks in. ACEP’s legislative and regulatory teams work in tandem on the key issues but approach the problem from different angles. ACEP’s regulatory experts and several member committees (Reimbursement, Coding & Nomenclature, Clinical Emergency Data Registry, Quality & Patient Safety, and Health Information Technology) weigh in on behalf of the specialty during the implementation phase of the legislation, looking at the regulations and how they would impact clinical practice, reimbursement, coding and more. 

Join the PAC

ACEP members lend their financial support to the cause by joining and donating to the bipartisan National Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee (NEMPAC). NEMPAC is the financial vehicle through which ACEP members can support the election or re-election of federal candidates who share their commitment to emergency medicine. NEMPAC pools smaller donations from individual ACEP members, donating them in one unified contribution on behalf of the entire profession.

Get plugged in: To stay updated and involved in ACEP’s advocacy efforts, become one of the 6,000+ ACEP and EMRA members who participate in the 911 Grassroots Network. You’ll get weekly emails with quick summaries and calls to action. 


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