Why Join ACEP?

ACEP is here to help you. We want to cut through the clutter. Give you resources that can make you be a better doctor. Offer the right tools at the right time for your life and practice. No matter the path you choose, we are here for you. We’re all in this together.

Membership means having a voice.

  • Who will speak for patients, emergency physicians and our specialty? We will - together. Let’s fight back to protect our patients from surprise bills.
  • Nothing replaces the knowledge, skill, and experience that comes from emergency medicine training for physicians, and we are resolute on this point. ACEP stands behind our members as the leader of the emergency team, supervising NPs and PAs.

Membership means support.

Membership means community.

What do you need to be your best? We want to help you achieve your goals. It will allow you to expand your network, gain access to member-only benefits and invest in yourself and your career. It’s worth the investment.

Won’t you give us a shot?


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