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Actions speak louder than words. ACEP is the only EM organization:

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ACEP provides an immediate return on your investment, as together we:

  • Defend your scope as leader of the care team
  • Demand due process by all employers
  • Secure federal financial victories that more than pay for your dues
  • Tackle the urgent boarding crisis with meaningful reform
  • Prevent workplace violence in the ED through legislative change
  • Promote uniform standards of care across the specialty
  • Provide discounted practice liability insurance to fill gaps or expand your coverage
  • Help you start and run your own physician group

Do I qualify for regular ACEP membership?

ACEP Membership is available to emergency physicians who meet one of the following requirements:

  • Completed an ACGME- or AOA-accredited emergency medicine residency program
  • Completed an ACGME-accredited emergency medicine subspecialty-training program
  • Completed an emergency medicine residency program approved by an ACEP-recognized accrediting body in a foreign country.

How much is regular ACEP membership?

$695/year, plus chapter dues.

Chapters are separate organization that provide local and state support and resources.
ACEP Chapter membership is required and can be based on the location of your practice or residence.
Government services or military employees are urged to join the Government Services Chapter.

Is there a discount for being new to practice?

If you have completed your emergency medicine residency within the last three years, ACEP offers the following dues structure*:

  • First year following graduation - $159
  • Second year following graduation - $317
  • Third year following graduation - $475
  • Fourth year following graduation - $695 (full dues)

*Additional applicable chapter dues rates apply.

Is there a military discount?

General Medical Officers who have been a member of ACEP as a medical student or EM resident may continue their membership at resident rate ($115/year*) for a maximum of four years.

New Regular members in military service join* for

  • $308 their first year
  • $410 in their second year
  • $675 for subsequent years

*Additional applicable chapter dues rates apply.


You are our first priority.
When you're supported, our specialty thrives. 

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ACEP Member Benefits Empower You at Every Stage of Your Career

  • Practice Support Evolving with the Ever-Changing Health Care Environment
  • Advocating for You and Your Patients with a Unified Voice
  • Clinical Resources to Continuously Improve Patient Care
  • Career Help So You Can Focus on Your Patients, Not Paperwork
  • Award-winning, Peer-reviewed Publications for the Latest News and Research
  • Members-Only Discounts for Both on Shift and at Home
  • Ways to Help You Connect with Your Corner of the EM Community

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