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Retired from your clinical practice? ACEP is still your home!


Your heart has always been with the specialty of Emergency Medicine. Even now that you have retired from clinical practice, you don't want to miss a beat ... and we don't want you to, either! Discounted dues are an option for non-practicing members and you can retain your FACEP status!

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Stay connected to the speciality you love through -

  • ACEP’s members-only online community, engagED, to discuss trends and issues of the day
  • The Exploring Retirement Section, which offers resources and a network for physicians at or nearing clinical retirement to remain relevant to the specialty of emergency medicine
  • Continued access to publications, including ACEP Now that offers articles and opinions in the Official Voice of Emergency Medicine, and the premier peer-reviewed journal, Annals of Emergency Medicine
  • Continued discounted member rates to attend ACEP meetings and events and keep in touch with those meaningful friendships
  • Opportunities to give back to your specialty through legislative and advocacy efforts to propel the specialty forward and protect the rights of emergency physicians

Do I qualify for Retired Membership?

If you have retired from medical practice, you are eligible for retired membership status (subject to verification).

Call 844-381-0911 or email us when you have retired from practice but want to stay connected to your specialty.

How much is Retired Membership?

Retired members pay just $211*, but keep the invaluable benefits that served you well throughout your career.

*National dues are a fraction of the price of regular membership, but state chapter dues vary and some have discounted dues for retired members.


You are our first priority.
When you're supported, our specialty thrives. 

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ACEP Member Benefits Empower You at Every Stage of Your Career

  • Practice Support Evolving with the Ever-Changing Health Care Environment
  • Advocating for You and Your Patients with a Unified Voice
  • Clinical Resources to Continuously Improve Patient Care
  • Career Help So You Can Focus on Your Patients, Not Paperwork
  • Award-winning, Peer-reviewed Publications for the Latest News and Research
  • Members-Only Discounts for Both on Shift and at Home
  • Ways to Help You Connect with Your Corner of the EM Community

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