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ACEP is with you every step of the way!

We're here to help you:

  • Feel confident in your choice to join emergency medicine and ACEP, the organization that started our specialty and remains the largest, most powerful voice for EM
  • Match to a great EM residency and share tools that help you find your place in our community and thrive

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Do I qualify for Student Membership in ACEP?

Any medical student who is interested in becoming an emergency physician can join ACEP to learn more about the specialty.

How much is Student Membership?

Medical students can join both ACEP and our sister organization, the Emergency Medicine Residents Association (EMRA), for just $70 a year.

A discounted rate for two years of student membership is available by calling or texting 888-817-2237.


You are our first priority.
When you're supported, our specialty thrives. 

Learn What ACEP is Doing for You

ACEP Member Benefits Empower You at Every Stage of Your Career

  • Practice Support Evolving with the Ever-Changing Health Care Environment
  • Advocating for You and Your Patients with a Unified Voice
  • Clinical Resources to Continuously Improve Patient Care
  • Career Help So You Can Focus on Your Patients, Not Paperwork
  • Award-winning, Peer-reviewed Publications for the Latest News and Research
  • Members-Only Discounts for Both on Shift and at Home
  • Ways to Help You Connect with Your Corner of the EM Community

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