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Aggressive Advocacy Results in Reversal of UnitedHealthcare Policy that Would Allow Retroactive Coverage Denials for Non-Emergent Cases

Reach Vaccine Hesitant Populations with New ACEP Tools

Access to Optimal Emergency Care for Children

ACEP Statement on EMS Professionals’ Priority Access to the COVID-19 Vaccine

Statement on Emergency Physicians’ Priority Access to the COVID-19 Vaccine

Incarcerated Population

Updated: HHS Announces More Details on $100 Billion CARES Act Funding

COVID-19 Health Disparities: New Patient Education Resource to Empower Community Leaders

How to Mobilize to Help Areas in Need

ACEP's Stance on the Distribution of CARES Stimulus Funding

EMTALA-Related Guidance

Access to 9-1-1 Public Safety Centers, Emergency Medical Dispatch, and Public Emergency Aid Training

Prescription Drug Pricing

Understanding EMTALA

Health Care Reform Letters to Congress and Regulatory Agencies

After the Medical Screening Exam: Non-Emergent Care and the Ethics of Access in the Emergency Department


Amendments Offered to Ensure EM Access

Learn More About the Access to Emergency Medical Services Act

Quotes from the Public

Access to Emergency Medical Services Act of 2009

Why Do I Have To Wait in Emergency Departments?

Important Questions About the Access to Emergency Medical Services Act

Is There A Crisis in Emergency Medicine?

Shortage of Physician Specialists

Ensuring Emergency Department Patient Access to Appropriate Pain Treatment

Delivery of Care to Undocumented Persons

Availability of Hospital Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

The Patient-Centered Medical Home Model

Prior Authorization

Universal Health Care Coverage

Medical Services Coding

Health Care Reform

Access to Emergency Medicine

Psychiatric Holds