June 6, 2020


COVID-19 turned many things upside down, including the way emergency physicians balance their personal and professional lives.

Lifestyle Support

Many companies have stepped up to support emergency physicians during the COVID-19 crisis, offering everything from childcare discounts to meal delivery, free hotel rooms and more. See COVID-19 offers and member benefits.

Connecting ACEP Families

Your loved ones are experiencing this pandemic right alongside you. Invite them to join the ACEP Families group on Facebook to connect with other EM families who are going through similar circumstances.



ACEP Frontline Featured Episode: Mom Hacks
Host Ryan Stanton, MD, FACEP, talks to Dr. Darria Long Gillespie about her best-selling book, “Mom Hacks.” You knock it out of the park as an EM physician, so how come you just don’t feel like you have it all together at home? PS: You don’t need to be a mom to appreciate the hacks and insights in this episode!

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