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As an emergency physician, you’re up for a good challenge. So is ACEP. We're going toe-to-toe with anybody threatening your livelihood or the specialty. Together, we won't back down.

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There may be other groups to join, other choices you can make. Some may appear less expensive or seem to offer different value, but actions speak louder than words.

ACEP is the only EM organization:

You fight for your patients. ACEP fights for you.


Defending you from scope creep

  • ACEP Chapters were directly involved in five major wins during the 2021-22 legislative session. Misguided bills were thwarted in Kentucky, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Louisiana and Colorado, with support from a comprehensive advocacy toolkit.
  • ACEP launched an aggressive public education campaign that spelled out a clear message to the press, federal policymakers, and patients: There is no substitute for an emergency physician in emergency departments. 
  • Four resolutions were passed by the 2022 ACEP Council to enhance oversight of non-physicians on the care team.

Protecting you from bad actors


Pushing for boarding solutions

  • ACEP took your passionate stories to the White House, and influenced 34 other health care and patient advocacy groups to sign on to our letter.
  • ACEP launched a powerful digital storybook featuring 150 of our members' boarding stories, highlighted in 550 publications nationwide.
  • Reached out to governors and provided chapters a toolkit to address this crisis at the local level.

Fighting for your reimbursement


Equipping you for your career

  • ACEP helps prepare you for your next job with an employment checklist to secure the terms that work best for your life and career.
  • Expanding your career possibilities by securing federal payment for telehealth services and highlighting creative careers for EPs.
  • Vetted job opportunities with the ACEP/EMRA

Empowering independent physician groups


Helping you on shift

Providing connection and support

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