June 16, 2020

Amazon Business

In partnership with Amazon, ACEP has created a Central Amazon Business account exclusively for our members. Unlike your personal account, this account will allow you to make Business Purchases of products to keep your home safe or supplement items you might need on shift – without having to queue up in the consumer waiting line. The program allows you to take advantage of Amazon’s wide product selection, competitive prices, and will give you access to COVID-19 Supplies. Amazon has waived their standard referral fees for third-party sellers on products supplied for the COVID-19 Response.

Please note, if you already have a personal Amazon account tied to this email address (the email address ACEP has on file for you) please CAREFULLY read the instruction below:

**DO NOT CLICK the option to ‘convert your existing account’ if you actively use the Amazon account tied to this email. In doing so, your order history will be merged into the ACEP account and your personal Prime membership will automatically be cancelled, and your email address will then be associated with the ACEP Amazon Business Account.**

  1. When you click into the invitation sent from, if you have an Amazon account associated with this email, you will need to sign into your existing account. If you do not know the password tied to your existing account, please click the Forgot Password Button
  2. Once you are signed in, you will be prompted with the option to ‘Convert Your Existing Account’ or ‘Create a Separate Business Account’:
  • If you have never used your existing account: Click the left-hand side option to ‘Convert Your Existing Account’
  • If you use your existing account for a Personal Amazon Account (have order history, a Prime membership, etc.): Click the right-hand side option to ‘Create a Separate Business Account’. You will then need to enter a different email address (that is not already tied to an Amazon Account) to split your previous account off to. Your previous Amazon account will now just be tied to a different email address.

For questions regarding Account Registration, please contact Amazon Business Customer Support at For all other questions related to Amazon Business, please contact Amazon Business Customer Service here.

We hope you find value in this new member benefit!

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