Emergency Medicine Wellness Week

Wellness Week 2019 Banner

As emergency physicians, we care a lot about our patients. That’s why we chose this specialty. But all too often we are so busy caring for others, we forget to care about ourselves.

April 7-13, 2019

Created by ACEP, the Emergency Medicine Wellness Week™ will remind all emergency physicians and their colleagues to take the time to self-renew while, at the same time, work the long and at times very difficult hours we do. 

Make it about action rather than just ideas. Become more healthy, less burned out, and more resilient this year.

Ultimately, we want you to feel better – about yourself, about your family/friends, about your patients and your work.

We’d like you to remember, once again, why you chose medicine, and emergency medicine, for your life’s work. And to be proud and happy with that decision.

Get Involved

We are happy to partner with our chapters, other emergency medicine organizations and other health care groups who would like to participate in EM Wellness Week.

  • Facebook graphic to put in your newsfeed, encouraging your fans to participate.
  • Twitter graphic, encouraging your followers to participate.
  • A poster to use in your physician's lounge or other gathering place.

Interested in using our logo? Please send a note to Communications Director Nancy Calaway and she’ll get you a high-res version.

And don’t forget to let us know about your group’s participation at the end of EM Wellness Week!



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