Guidance and support for young emergency physicians

Young Physicians Section

The ACEP Young Physicians Section is the largest section in the College, providing a forum for early-career emergency physicians to develop a knowledge base, share information and to receive and give counsel.

We are a unified voice for all young EPs, and we strive to provide resources that encourage a balanced lifestyle, enhance your career prospects, expand your health policy knowledge and maintain the value of our specialty for years to come.


Latest News

April 21, 2021

Standard CONTRACT Precautions: Protect Yourself from an Unfair Employment Contract

Do you know how to diagnose an unfavorable employment contract? Can you confidently identify red flags and deal-breakers?

April 20, 2021

Chair's Corner: Workforce, Job Hunting, Contracts and More

There's a lot to talk about this spring, including the Workforce Report, job hunting, employment contracts and more.

April 20, 2021

This Very Influential EM Conference Flies Under the Radar

If you want to have a voice on policy that effects emergency medicine, the Leadership & Advocacy Conference is a can't-miss opportunity.

Popular Resources

Life Outside Medicine

ACEP COVID-19 Center

First Year Out

Advocacy Efforts

LAC 2021

YPS and EMRA host the Health Policy Primer every year at the ACEP Leadership & Advocacy Conference. We're back in DC for LAC21!

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly about Medicare’s 2021 Physician Fee Schedule Changes

New YPS Legislative Advisor Dr. Jordan Warchol takes a closer look at the effects of PFS 2021.

Pandemic Policy Primer

To fully understand pandemic policy, unprecedented in its speed and spending for these modern times, we must understand where we are and what’s on the horizon.

ACEP 911 Grassroots Network

Use your voice to advocate for our future! Join the ACEP 911 Grassroots Legislative Network to stay current on federal issues facing emergency medicine.

Get Involved

Connecting with YPS provides a pathway for you to get involved with ACEP leadership opportunities. Join the conversation!

Life Balance

Life Balance

Many young physicians experience simultaneous growth in their personal and professional lives. These resources can help manage the sea of changes.

Mental Wellness

ACEP's Wellness Hub offers peer support, professional counseling and a large library of physician wellness resources.

Parenthood in Medicine

True balance is probably a myth, but these tips can help EM physicians integrate parenthood into their medical careers.

Financial Basics

As we get started in this specialty, it's a great time to better understand money management and the financial resources available.