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Young Physicians Section

The ACEP Young Physicians Section is the largest section in the College, providing a forum for early-career emergency physicians to develop a knowledge base, share information and to receive and give counsel.

We are a unified voice for all young EPs, and we strive to provide resources that encourage a balanced lifestyle, enhance your career prospects, expand your health policy knowledge and maintain the value of our specialty for years to come.

Join this Section Operational Guidelines


The YPS Chair serves as the leader of the section and liaison between the ACEP Board of Directors & YPS. The Chair runs all YPS meetings in collaboration with the staff liaisons, helps advance section priorities. Each Chair has a one-year term and must serve as chair-elect the year before. 

Immediate Past Chair
The Immediate Past Chair serves as an officer on the YPS executive committee, advising the new Chair as needed. The Immediate Past Chair serves a one-year term.

Chair Elect
The Chair-Elect serves as an officer on the executive committee, learning from the chair and attending all meetings with chair. Chair elect is a one year term that also involves overseeing the Young Physician Leadership Society selection and recognition process. 

Councillor and Alternative Councillor
Both the Councillor and Alternate Councillor represent our section at the annual Council Meeting. Each role serves a one-year term, with the Alternate Councillor advancing to Councillor after his/her term as Alt. Councillor. 

Legislative Advisor
The YPS Legislative Advisor stays in tune with EM-related advocacy news and informs section of new policies and health policy updates. The role is a one-year term that involved writing a legislative update for each YPS newsletter, sent to all YPS members 6 times per year. 

The Secretary works in collaboration with the Chair to create the agenda and record minutes for each YPS meeting. The Secretary serves as editor of the bimonthly YPS newsletter and oversees website content in collaboration with YPS staff liaisons. Secretary is a 2-year term.

Become a YPS Officer

YPS elections are held every year during ACEP Scientific Assembly. Open roles are publicized via the YPS e-newsletter in the months leading up to the event, along with the criteria for officers. In 2021, we'll have open positions for Chair-Elect, Secretary, Legislative Advisor and Alternative Councilor. You must have completed residency to become an officer for the Young Physicians Section.

Get Involved with YPS

We welcome more voices as part of our YPS leadership team! There are many ways to get involved:

  • Write for the YPS newsletter, mailed bimonthly to 17,000+ members
  • Join our advocacy efforts
  • Get involved with state chapter and national committees
  • Join the next YPS conference call
  • Come to the next YPS event

Have something specific in mind? Reach out to us!

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