Young Physicians Section Resources


As young physicians, our careers will be directly affected by policy changes. Let's do our part to protect the future of EM.

Financial Basics

As we get started in this specialty, it's a great time to better understand money management and the financial resources available.

Career Advancement

Now what? It's time to start tracking your CME and utilizing other resources to ease your transition.

ACEP Member Discounts

Your membership comes with a lot of extras and discounts. Log in to customize your experience with MyACEP.

First Year Out

When you're just getting started, there is a lot to consider. These resources are here to help.

CME Tracker

ACEP's Online Learning Collaborative includes a CME tracker to make sure that staying updated on your education is as smooth as possible.

YPS Newsroom

Stay connected with the YP Section through the What's Up e-newsletter, written and curated by your fellow YPS members.

LLSA Track

ACEP built LLSA "Reading Rooms" where you can find the articles for each LLSA activity.

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