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Indiana Enacts Expanded Abortion Prohibition

UPDATE: The new law went into effect on September 15, 2022, but was at least temporarily blocked just a week later when a judge granted a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit that is ongoing in the sta...

South Carolina Seeks to Enact Further Abortion Restrictions

Tennessee Trigger on Abortion Goes into Effect

Judicial Ruling Protects EMTALA-related Care in Idaho

State-Level Updates

Advocacy at Home: Key Messages

February 2022 Board Blog - Legislative Wins, Updates on Task Forces, and More

South Dakota Scores Scope of Practice Victory

State Legislative/Regulatory Committee

Louisiana Scores Important Scope of Practice Win

Approved 1135 Waivers, State By State

ACEP 911 Network Weekly Update

ACEP 911 Legislative Grassroots Network

Leadership & Advocacy Conference

PDMP Legislation

Naloxone Legislation

Pain Management

Continuing Medical Education

State Specific Policies

Myths and Facts of Opioid Policy Advocacy

Opioid Prescribing Legislation

Opioid Advocacy Resources

Advocating for CPR Training in Schools

Out of Network Fact Sheets

Out of Network Strategies and Proposed Solutions

Out of Network Payment Model Legislation

Chapter Toolkit on Out of Network Payment Legislation

Report Findings on Liability Crisis Impact on Access to Emergency Care

Maryland Talking Points with Rep. Hurson - National Medicaid Reforms - Issues with Emergency Medicine

Medicaid and Private Payor Issues

New York Department of Health Guidance Document for Hospitals - Hospital Obligations & Responsibilities

Recent Reforms Enacted (since 2003)

Report Findings on Special Liability Protection for Emergency Care

KY Letter to the Editor on Copays from Ray Hart

State by State Comparison on Liability Reforms and Market Conditions

Balance Billing Court Action

Talking Points for Medicaid Reform and Emergency Care

Sample Talking Points

Massachusetts Crowding Bill

Liability Reform Data to Support Reform and Rebut Opponent Arguments

Talking Points in Support of Special Liability Protection in Emergency Care Cases

Constitutional Status of Reforms

Emergency Care Provision

Medicaid Model Action Plan for Chapters

New York Chapter ACEP Testimony

Reform Elements In Law

Change in Physician Availability

Exemplary Statutory Language

Massachusetts Chapter Fact Sheet

Case Studies

Pursuing Special Liability Protection for Emergency Care

Tracking State Liability Reforms and their Impact on the Liability Environment

Change in Cases Filed-Awards

Massachusetts Crowding Bill Fact Sheet

Change in Insurance Rates

Enacting Special Liability Protection for Emergency Care

Testimony - Ohio Commission to Reform Medicaid Public Hearing - April 20, 2004

Reform of Tort Law

Supporting Political Advocacy in the Emergency Department

Out of Network Billing

State Liability Reform Presentations & Testimony

Tools for Effective State Advocacy

State Approaches to Boarding & Crowding

Psychiatric Holds


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