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The announcement of the closing of American Physician Partners (APP) has created a disruption in the lives of thousands of emergency physicians, their families, patients and communities. As you deal w...

ACEP Membership Fuels Legal Victories

ACEP, EM Organizations Issue Letter Regarding AHRQ Report on Diagnostic Errors in the ED

Indiana Enacts Expanded Abortion Prohibition

South Carolina Seeks to Enact Further Abortion Restrictions

Tennessee Trigger on Abortion Goes into Effect

Judicial Ruling Protects EMTALA-related Care in Idaho

State-Level Updates

Protection of Physicians and Other Health Care Professionals from Criminal Liability for Medical Care Provided

Medical-Legal Committee

ACEP Reaffirms Statement on Due Process Protections

Expert Witness Cross-Specialty Testimony in Standard of Care


Interpretation of EMTALA in Investigations, Enforcement, and Medical Malpractice Litigation

Medical Practice Review and the Practice of Medicine

Understanding EMTALA

Getting Sued: A Resident's Perspective

The Emotion Turmoil of Litigation Stress

Litigation: It's About the Money



Litigation Stress - A Primer

What To Do When Your Contract Is Threatened

Good Samaritan Protection

State Medical Board Peer Review

Anonymous Affidavits of Merit

College Board Member and Officer Expert Testimony

Expert Witness Guidelines for the Specialty of Emergency Medicine

Health Courts

Law Enforcement Information Gathering in the Emergency Department

Anonymous Expert Physician Testimony for a State Medical Licensing Board

Anonymous Complaints to State Licensing Boards by Third Parties

Commercial Filming of Patients in the Emergency Department

911 Caller Good Samaritan Laws

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Fictitious Patients