Litigation Stress & Related Resources - Facing a legal battle can take a toll on emergency physicians’ physical and emotional well being. While we can’t promise to completely alleviate the stress associated with litigation, the College offers several resources.

So, You Have Been Sued!

Medical Professional Liability Insurance

Litigation Stress - A Primer

Information and Resources Regarding Litigation Stress  New iconCompiled by members of the ACEP Well-being Committee, June 2015 

Take this link to see a list of: Websites, Books, Articles, Studies on Litigation Stress, and areas for further research and development

Clinical Policies and Their Role in Risk Management and Liability New icon
Compiled by members of the ACEP Medical Legal Committee, July 2015 

Related ACEP Policies

College Board Member and Officer Expert Testimony

Code of Ethics for Emergency Physicians

Expert Witness Guidelines for the Specialty of Emergency Medicine

Good Samaritan Protection

Reform of Tort Law


External Links

Medical Malpractice Insurance: Multiple Factors Have Contributed to Increased Premium Rates  June 2003 report from the General Accounting Office (GAO). Determined that sufficient data is not available on this topic. Sole recommendation is for Congress to consider encouraging NAIC and state regulators to identify and collect additional information that could be used to properly evaluate the medical malpractice insurance market.




Expert Witness 


Standard of Care Review

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