March 26, 2022

ACEP Files Amicus Brief in CA Lawsuit on Physician Practice

On March 25, ACEP filed an amicus brief in the AAEMPG v. Envision case, which claims a violation of California state law, lay ownership of medical practices and unfair restraint of the practice of emergency medicine.

The ACEP brief sides with a physician's right to autonomy in medical decision-making. It was carefully crafted to emphasize the physician-patient relationship as the moral center of emergency medicine and includes several examples of ACEP's strong leadership in this area. Also filed was a Declaration of Interest from EMRA President Angela Cai, MD, MBA, in support of ACEP and the issues raised in our brief.

This is a novel approach to engaging with the legal system and is an attempt to educate the Court on the sanctity of a doctor's duty to patients and the importance of allowing them to be treated without undue pressure from outside forces.

The brief also demonstrates ACEP's more than 50-year legacy as THE voice of all emergency physicians, who work in a variety of practice models.

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