January 26, 2024

Take A Deep Dive into Physician Unionization

ACEP wants to protect and empower you. We invite you into the hard conversations about emergency physician unionization as we collectively wrestle with how to protect EPs now and in the future.

  • Watch two courses from ACEP23 about unions and employer models

    Are Unions The Answer? (ACEP23):
    Emergency physicians are facing a host of systemic challenges, including burnout, boarding, staffing shortages, decreasing reimbursement, practice consolidation, and workforce projections. Residents in New York City held their first strike by doctors since 1990. Emergency physicians in Oregon unanimously voted to organize into a union to improve patient care and working conditions. This session with provide an overview of the history of unions in medicine and how they function. The pro’s and con’s will be discussed.

    Speaker: Leon C. Adelman, MD, MBA, FACEP


    • Describe the history of unions in medicine
    • Explain how unions work and the legal and regulatory framework
    • Distinguish the role of unions versus collective bargaining
    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of physician unions.

    A Primer and Discussion on EM Employment Models (James D. Mills Memorial Lecture):
    An objective presentation of the pros/cons of each EM employment model (IC, locum tenens, physician group, hospital/system employee, county/city/state/federal employee, academic program, physician management company) and subsequent panel discussion and Q & A.

    Speakers: James G. Adams, MD, FACEP; Christopher Kang, MD, FACEP (Moderator); Tracy G. Sanson, MD, FACEP; Robert W. Strauss, MD, FACEP


    • Objectively present the primary pros and cons of each EM employment model.
    • Discuss different ethical, legal, financial, and individual professional facets of EM employment important to the individual emergency physician when they apply for or change jobs.
    • Discuss ethical, legal, financial, and professional facets of EM employment important to the employer - group, hospital/system, government, academic program, and physician management company.
  • Listen to a recent Frontline podcast about physician unions
  • Take a quick survey about your interest level in physician unionization
  • Then commit to more discussions about next steps for emergency medicine.
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