June 8, 2020


According to the Center for Anxiety and Mood Disorders, about one in three physicians experience burnout at any given time. Physicians are also 15 times more likely to experience burnout than other professionals.

Physician burnout is tough to define because it has so many contributing factors. In this ACEP Now article, Stefanie Simmons, MD, FACEP, defines physician burnout as “the conflict between meeting increasing demands without any concerted effort to mitigate them or provide extra resources, all while operating in extraordinarily stressful circumstances.”

Podcast & Videos

ACEP Frontline: Physician Coaching & Engagement
Host Ryan Stanton, MD, FACEP, and Stefanie Simmons, MD, FACEP, discuss physician burnout, career engagement, wellness and how all of these can help to improve the patient experience. They talk about how helping physicians in their jobs and providing the opportunity for mentoring and coaching can help the physician succeed when they face frustration and burnout.

TEDx Talk Playlist: For When You Feel Totally Burned Out


Coping Tactics

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