December 4, 2020

Toolkit for Preparing for a Pandemic / Next Wave

Helpful resources based on lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic first wave in early 2020.

Best Practices for Preparing for the Next Pandemic / Wave

Downloadable PDF of summary document of useful tips

COVID-19 Clinical Information and Facility Preparation

Webinar and Slides

Facility Preparedness Checklist

Downloadable PDF

Preparing for the Next Pandemic Summit

In the "Preparing for the Next Pandemic" Summit, panelists discussed lessons learned during the COVID-19 crisis and what emergency medicine as a specialty should do to better handle the next pandemic.
Download audio files of the eight one-hour sessions:

  • Communications
  • Data and Analysis
  • Deployment and Distribution of Physicians and Other Health Care Workers
  • Disparities and Vulnerable Populations
  • Information Flow
  • Research
  • Supply Chain
  • Workforce Support and Sustainability

Emergency Department COVID-19 Severity Classification Pathway

ACEP and EvidenceCare created a seven-step triage process for emergency physicians to better classify COVID-19 patients and inform next steps. This new and evolving pathway integrates into many EHR systems, and can also be downloaded for offline use.

Downloadable PDF

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