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ACEP Statement on SSC Hour-1 Bundle

The American College of Emergency Physicians has created a multi-organizational task force to develop evidence-based recommendations for the treatment of patients who present with symptoms of sepsis. We anticipate the release of those recommendations in early 2020. Until that time, ACEP has issued a revision of its original statement. Recognizing that emergency care systems differ throughout the world, this statement should only be applied to emergency departments in the United States.

ACEP's revised statement as of July 2019:

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) acknowledges concerns expressed about the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) Hour-1 bundle and the appropriateness of implementation in the United States. ACEP understands the importance of prompt and optimal sepsis diagnostics and treatment. ACEP along with other involved experts are developing evidence-based recommendations that will provide guidance on the initial care of potentially septic patients who present to emergency departments in the United States. We recommend that hospitals not implement the Hour-1 bundle in its present form in the United States at this time.

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