Rural Emergency Quality Series - Sepsis

Webinar 1: "Welcome to REQS"
Our first webinar reviews EQUAL, outlines the rural sepsis toolkit, and introduces our ACE - Tsehootsooi Medical Center in Fort Defiance, Arizona.

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Webinar 2: "Foundations for Rural Sepsis QI"
Our second webinar discusses the implementation and initiation of a rural sepsis QI initiative for your rural ED. We hear from our ACE about their process and lessons they learned along the way.

This webinar includes several ready-to-use tools for your rural sepsis QI project:

  1. "Introduction to E-QUAL" - presentation for your staff, explaining EQUAL and sepsis QI
  2. "One-pager Kick-off" - document that can be circulated to your c-suite and community, explaining your efforts to improve sepsis care in your ED
  3. Our ACE's sepsis protocols - designed specifically for the low-resource setting

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Webinar 3: "Rural Sepsis Transfers"
Our third webinar is focused on the transfer of sepsis patients from your rural ED and features one of our rural experts - Dr. Nicholas Mohr. 

Dr. Mohr is an Emergency Medicine-Critical Care trained physician at the University of Iowa and is a national expert on rural sepsis transfers. In this webinar, he discusses the current literature on rural sepsis transfers - and what your small ED can do to improve sepsis outcomes prior to transfer

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Webinar 4

Tune into Webinar 4, our first Podcast, to hear from Chip Lange PA-C and colleagues on an update on sepsis care and pearls for APPs. Chip is the founder of TOTALEM, which is a fantastic FOAMED resource providing training to practicing emergency providers, with a focus on physician assistants and those practicing in rural and remote settings. You can find his website at This two-part series is outlined below:

In Part 1 of this podcast, you will hear a lively and educational discussion from Chip Lange, PA-C, Michelle Perkins, MD, and Fritz Fuller PA-C on the most up-to-date sepsis care recommendations – with a focus on sepsis care in rural settings for all emergency providers.

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In Part 2 of this podcast, you will hear quick pearls from our team for APPs practicing in rural locations.

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