September 21, 2022

Research & Analytics

Uncover the story the numbers tell with a robust data set on a variety of clinical and practice topics, beyond just quality.

Sample Use Cases

Clinical Trial Design

Data from the EMDI Registry can help pharma companies accelerate and improve clinical trials by:

  • Informing the design of clinical trial protocols
  • Leveraging RWD for synthetic control arms or adaptive trial designs
  • Identifying appropriate inclusion/exclusion criteria for the targeted patient population
  • Supporting site selection by estimating the size of the eligible patient population per geographic region

Label Extension

Using RWD to study the usage of off-label indications can provide many benefits to pharma companies such as:

  • Uncovering insights into drug effectiveness and differentiation for various patient profiles
  • Supporting regulatory approval of new indications in lieu of requiring additional clinical trials, saving time and decreasing costs
  • Improving patient access to treatments that were formerly off-label

Medication Adherence

Pharma companies can leverage the RWD from the EMDI Registry to improve medication compliance by:

  • Identifying drivers of medication non-adherence by analyzing demographic, social, and medical data
  • Supporting development of advanced analytics to predict patients who are more likely to become non-adherent
  • Developing improved patient engagement strategies

Market Access & Pricing

Pharma companies can leverage data from the EMDI Registry and improve market access by:

  • Gaining RWD on drug usage outside of clinical trials
  • Informing the design of value-based contracts
  • Securing formulary status
  • Tracking patient outcomes to justify pricing

Pharmacovigilance & Safety

Analyzing the EMDI Registry dataset can enhance pharmacovigilance activities by:

  • Discovering previously unrecognized drug-drug, drug-supplement and other relevant interactions
  • Identifying subgroups of patients that are at higher risk of adverse events due to comorbid medical conditions or other predisposing risk factors

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Quality measures approved/in development

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