Graduating Residents

You made a great career choice! ACEP has your back through graduation and beyond. You’ve got the training - this page is designed to help you stay on track as you move into practice and launch a successful, rewarding EM career.


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First, ensure that you are on track to officially launch your EM career with this helpful checklist that covers everything you need to be thinking about this year.

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Hone Your Business Skills

What’s the RUC, and why should you care? Healthcare is a business, and the AMA’s Relative Value Scale Update Committee makes recommendations that impact how much money you receive for patients that you treat. ACEP is the only emergency medicine organization with representation on the RUC. We use our seat at the table to defend your reimbursement and be your voice when critical decisions are being made.

Reimbursement Details

Stay Up to Date on EM Issues

Worried about things like scope creep, workforce challenges, or private equity in medicine? ACEP firmly believes that every patient deserves to have their care overseen by a board-certified emergency physician. We spend our time educating legislators and the public on the difference in provider training and the impact on quality of care, especially for our most vulnerable and most acute patients. We are also fighting for emergency physicians in this rapidly changing health care landscape and are working directly with the FTC and other solutions related to the corporatization of EM.

Your Voice, Amplified

ACEP is protecting and advancing your career behind the scenes every day, but we can’t do it alone. When physicians come together to advocate for themselves and their patients, they give a unified voice to the physician community they represent. Specialty organizations help to set guidelines for clinical care, ensure that those entering the field are appropriately trained and qualified, and hold key players in the industry accountable to the highest moral and ethical standards.

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New Attending & Fellow Membership

Whether you are going into fellowship or transitioning to your first attending job, your membership has you covered. Fellows continue to pay candidate member dues for the duration of their extended training, and ACEP has significantly expanded the resources available to new attendings through our monthly package, available only to graduating residents for their first three years in practice.

The exclusive new attending bundle includes:

The total value of this special package is well over $2,500 over 3 years but will be available to graduating residents at the low rate of $25/month.


Your Chapter Has Your Back

When you join ACEP, you also become a member of your local Chapter, which will become your vital support network of nearby EP colleagues along with the online engagED community. Membership also includes access to unlimited Sections and Member Interest Groups which allow you to find your niche in EM, including pediatrics, sports medicine, health policy and more.

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Next Stop: FACEP

While your formal education is almost complete, ACEP knows that lifelong learning is essential to a rewarding career. Getting your FACEP credential differentiates you from peers and colleagues and shows a sincere dedication to the field of emergency medicine as well as your skills leading the team in the emergency department.

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Be Ready for Your Next Transition

We hope you love your first job, but when the day comes that you’re ready to take the next step, ACEP’s offers lifelong support through the emCareers job board, contract negotiation tools, financial planning help, and more. Get started with ACEP’s Open Book to search curated information on most EM employers, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your personal priorities.

ACEP Open Book

Stay Current & Connected

ACEP’s annual meeting is the world’s largest gathering of emergency physicians and provides timely, exclusive access to the latest innovations and knowledge in emergency medicine. Other opportunities, including ACEP’s Leadership and Advocacy Conference and the new Accelerate meeting, give you access to shape the future of the specialty and help keep you sharp as the field changes rapidly.

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