Innovative Change in Practice Management Award

Award Nomination Form

Innovative Change in Practice Management Award Nomination Form


This annual award is given to an emergency physician who has developed an innovative process, solution, technology or product to solve a significant problem in the practice of emergency medicine.

2023 Recipient
Christopher "Toff" R. Peabody, MD, MPH, FACEP


The Innovative Change in Practice Management Award features the recipient’s name and the ACEP logo. The recipient name is inscribed on a master plaque at ACEP Headquarters. The recipient will also be recognized on ACEP’s Website and included in other ACEP communications as part of the annual award recognition process.


To be considered for the award, the nominee will have developed an innovation through which the practice of emergency medicine is improved by its implementation. The innovation must improve the efficiency, patient safety and/or quality of care in the emergency department and be easily transferrable to other emergency department settings and sustainable over the long term.

Past Recipients

  • 2019 Edward N. Barthell, MD, FACEP 
  • 2020 Rahul Sharma, MD, MBA, FACEP
  • 2021 Matthew Rill, MD, FACEP
  • 2022 Jonathan Rogg, MD, MBA, FACEP 
  • 2023 Christopher "Toff" R. Peabody, MD, MPH, FACEP

Entry Procedures

Any ACEP member who wishes to nominate a candidate should complete a nomination form. Submit the nomination form, nominee’s curriculum vitae, and up to three letters of support through the online nomination form located on the ACEP website. Letters of support are greatly encouraged and are at the discretion of the nominator. Additionally, a nominee should have only one nomination whether from an individual or from a chapter, section, or committee. All entries must be submitted for consideration no later than the publicized deadline. Receipt of each nomination will be confirmed by email. Please follow up if you do not receive a confirmation.


The Emergency Medicine Practice Committee will judge the entries, with its recommendations subject to review by the ACEP Board of Directors. The decision of the Board is final, and the Board reserves the right to make no award if there are no nominees of sufficient merit. The Board may also decide to grant the award to more than one individual.

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