September 27, 2023

Council Meritorious Service Award - Gary R. Katz, MD, MBA, FACEP

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Gary Katz, MD, MBA, FACEP, an emergency physician now based in Ohio, grew up in Los Angeles, California. He was inspired by his father, Dr. Roger M. Katz, an allergist, and his mother, Barbara M. Katz, MFT, who instilled in him the values of compassion and patient care.

During high school, Gary's commitment to emergency medicine blossomed through ride-alongs with the LA County Fire Department, igniting a lifelong dedication to emergency response. As a member of the Washington University Emergency Support Team (WUEST) during college, he discovered the profound impact of direct patient care, graduating in 1991 with a BA in Psychology. Shortly after, he also earned his pilot license.

Though enjoying life, Gary found his true calling in patient care, prompting him to pursue a medical degree. Graduating in 1998 from Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, his passion for organized medicine led him to engage with state and national medical societies, including the AMA, where he served as the student appointee to the Liaison Committee on Medical Education

Residency at Summa Health System 1998-2001 honed his expertise as an emergency physician. Mentored by Dr. Mike Beeson and Dr. Brian Keaton, he concurrently served on the EMRA board as the RRC liaison.

Gary was recognized with the ACEP Council Horizon award and Ohio ACEP’s Bill Hall award. Gary took the reins of Council Speaker just ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the constraints of the time to innovate, Gary developed new procedures and processes, ensuring efficient deliberations both remotely and in person. These Council changes allowed for continuity in business despite the austerity of the time. 

Gary is also commissioned as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Ohio Air National Guard. Gary serves as a flight surgeon and emergency room physician on a ground surgical team, combining his love for emergency medicine and flying.

Gary credits his success to his beloved wife, Teresa Katz, and their children, Benjamin, Samantha, Shauna, Rebekah, and Charles, whose encouragement and presence have enriched his life beyond measure.

About This Award

The Council Meritorious Service Award is presented to a member of the College who has served as a councilor for at least three years and who, in that capacity, has made consistent contributions to the growth and maturation of the ACEP Council. The ACEP Council is the forum in which chapter and section of membership representatives both elect and provide guidance to the Board of Directors.

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