September 27, 2023

Council Curmudgeon Award - John D. Bibb, MD, FACEP

Bibb headshot - Curmudgeon.jpg

John D. Bibb, MD, FACEP, finished medical school in 1970 and subsequently completed an internship and residency in internal medicine. Dr. Bibb then served two years in the United States Navy during the Viet Nam War. He helped make “Viet Nam safe for democracy.” Next, it was off to various emergency rooms, where he has worked ever since.

Early on, Dr. Bibb joined the Orange County Society of Emergency Physicians. He was amazed because this was a group of emergency physicians who were trying to make emergency medicine better for other emergency physicians as well as their patients, rather than just complaining. He soon joined the California ACEP chapter and was also active in national ACEP. Dr. Bibb served on the ACEP Board of Directors from 2000-2006 and served as Chair in 2005-2006.

When Dr. Bibb reached the age of 68, he did not want to quit medicine, so he began working in urgent care and has continued to do so. His predominant interest in emergency medicine now is promoting addiction medicine. This has been a backwater in emergency medicine in the past, but he is glad to see good progress being made. He is also a proud member of the Pain Management and Addiction Medicine Section.

About This Award

The Council Curmudgeon Award recognizes, in a lighthearted way, deserving Council participants that have contributed to the Annual Meeting in a unique, eccentric, humorous (sly wit), or cleverly astute manner. Despite the name, the award is intended to congratulate those who have offered the Council a sense of reality, honesty, focus, and practicality, but without the usual personal encumbrance of political correctness, undue sensibility, or inhibition.

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