September 27, 2023

Council Champion of Diversity & Inclusion Award - Adetolu Odufuye, MD, FACEP (Posthumously)

Odufuye - Council Diversity and Inclusion.jpg

After graduating with a B.S. from University of Minnesota, Tolu went on to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor by graduating from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in 2010 and completing her residency in Emergency Medicine at Regions Hospital/Health Partners Emergency Medicine.

After gaining her certification in Emergency Medicine in 2014, Tolu moved to Atlanta, GA and began her career at Emory University Hospital. As her career progressed, she made her way back to what she felt was home, where her journey to medicine started. She went back to work for the Emergency Medicine Department of Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL.

While achieving everything she ever dreamed of, Tolu has had numerous accomplishments along the way. In 2008 she was the recipient of the Scholar in Medicine Award from The Student National Medicine Association as well as the Mayo Medical School Student Recognition Award. In 2009 she received a Clinical Sciences Scholarship from the Student National Medical Association and the USMLE Rx Scholarship for STEP 2 from the American Medical Student Association.

She was awarded the Resident Quality Improvement Award by the American College of Emergency Physicians, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Section in 2009 and the Mark Bernas Advocacy Award for 2 years in a row. She also pursued a Fellowship with the American College of Emergency Physicians.

In addition to her clinical activities, Tolu was active in research and education. She enjoyed guiding others to a successful career by providing mentorship to residents and students. Tolu had a passion to advance healthcare equity, inclusion and diversity through education, strategy and embracing individual differences. She was an active advocate at a national level. She served on national committees and task forces for the American College of Emergency Physicians; including the State Legislative and Regulatory Committee, Strategic Planning Action Team 6 for career fulfillment and the Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity Section Executive Leadership Committee. As an alumni of the AAMC’s Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP), Tolu also served on the SHPEP alumni advisory board.

She was a member of the American Association of Women Emergency Physicians, the Search Committee for Emergency Medicine Providers, and the Florida College of Emergency Physicians. She was also a volunteer physician for the Emergency Medicine Planned Emergency Response Team and a Physician Lead at Mayo Clinic in Florida.

About This Award

The Council Champion of Diversity & Inclusion Award celebrates and promotes diversity of experience and thought, the merit of inclusivity, and the value of equity. It is presented to a councillor, group of councillors, or component body that has demonstrated a sustained commitment to fostering a diversity of contributions and an environment of inclusivity that directly enhances the work of the Council and provides excellence to ACEP.

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