April 5, 2023

Tyler W. Barrett, MD, MSCI, FACEP, FHRS

As the chair of Workgroup 4 on ACEP’s Reimbursement Committee, Dr. Barrett helps update and develop educational content related to reimbursement issues in emergency medicine. Never has that been more important than in 2022, when emergency physicians were preparing to experience once-in-a-generation documentation and code descriptor changes that would kick in on Jan. 1, 2023.

In anticipation of ACEP member needs, his workgroup carefully organized these Frequently Asked Questions, dividing up the work and shepherding the drafts through final approvals from ACEP’s Board of Directors. Under his management, this workgroup utilized ACEP’s committee process in record time to deliver a valuable resource that is helping fellow ACEP members navigate today’s complex reimbursement environment.

Dr. Barrett got involved with ACEP’s Reimbursement Committee after taking on an operations role in his own department and attending several sessions on reimbursement at ACEP Scientific Assembly. After listening to talks from past ACEP Reimbursement Chair Mike Granovsky, MD, FACEP, Dr. Barrett wanted to get involved with the committee so he could meet leaders in the field and gain reimbursement knowledge that he could bring back to his own department.

He said the most rewarding aspect of his ACEP volunteer work has been collaborating with such great people. “This year in particular has been very rewarding because we had Dr. Nick Cozzi, who joined us and had been engaged with EMRA and their education,” Dr. Barrett said. “We really completely revamped the resident-facing education on reimbursement.”

Dr. Barrett said that through extensive collaboration, they developed “an educational program that, although directed toward residents, most physicians involved in emergency care would really benefit from reading.”

He sees his ACEP volunteer work as an opportunity to “pay it forward,” which is something he’s always wanted to do. “I think a lot of times you get a lot more back when you’re helping out others,” Dr. Barrett said.

He explained that one of the nice things about ACEP committee work is the opportunity to mentor younger emergency physicians who are also serving on the committee. “It’s always nice to pass along those pearls and help people avoid pitfalls that maybe some of us have stepped in before,” Dr. Barrett said.

Beyond the committee’s work and the way it helps fellow EM physicians, Dr. Barrett sees value in the community he has found by volunteering at ACEP. He encourages anyone who is on the fence about getting involved to dive in.

“I think we're in a fantastic specialty, and we owe it to each other to provide support,” Dr. Barrett said.  

“…[Through ACEP committees], you surround yourself and work with outstanding people who share a lot of your common values and missions from all across the country. And they are a lot of fun to hang out with when you go to these meetings or if you're visiting their town. You never know, it might be somebody who's going to help you get a job down the road or write a letter for you for a promotion.”

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