April 5, 2023

Rebecca Dimanche, MD

When Rebecca Dimanche, MD, was in her third-year clerkship, she shared her dreams of starting clinics and hospitals in third world countries, beginning with Haiti. Her program director recognized her drive and encouraged her to seek out leadership opportunities where she could expand her impact. When she found out about the opening for a young physician on ACEP’s Emergency Medicine Practice Committee, she applied and was “ecstatic” to get the position in 2022.
Dr. Dimanche jumped right in, actively working on projects that support the committee’s mission to provide guidance and recommend policy for the everyday issues that affect the practice of emergency medicine. She said the most rewarding part of volunteering with ACEP’s EM Practice Committee has been serving as subcommittee chair for the group’s Prior Authorization objective. They were tasked with reviewing and revising ACEP's Prior Authorization Policy Statement. The subcommittee will present its revisions to the Board of Directors soon.

“I got to work with a wonderful team, and we worked so hard to get everything done in a timely manner,” Dr. Dimanche said. “I feel like I was really stepping into that leadership role, being in charge, but listening to what everybody had to say. Everyone was so truly amazing at what they did…I look forward to continuing to do more and hopefully to grow in ACEP.” 
Dr. Dimanche also volunteered to lead an additional resolution regarding Removing Intrusive Medical Exams and Questionnaires from Employment Contracts and serves on several additional committee objectives. 
“Volunteering has been a huge part of my life,” said Dr. Dimanche. From cleaning the homes of the elderly with her high school youth group to hosting a sock drive in medical school, she has always enjoyed being able to give back.
“I just love that [volunteering] helps me not be so focused on me and my four walls and helps me to look out to the world,” she explained. “There is always someone who needs help, and I love to be available to fulfill the needs that are around me.”
What does she appreciate about volunteering with ACEP?

“You get to make an actual change in the practice of emergency medicine,” Dr. Dimanche said. “You get a direct say into how things function in the ED. And that time investment will be a legacy that you get to enjoy in the years to come.”

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