April 13, 2023

Ash Rider, MD

Dr. Ashley Rider has always been motivated by her steadfast commitment to servant leadership. She got involved with ACEP as a resident, and she credits her work on ACEP’s Academic Affairs Committee for accelerating her professional growth and expanding her view of the specialty. 

“I encourage students and residents to get involved early. The potential for networking, collaboration, and being part of the national conversation is immensely valuable and gives you so much perspective.”

Dr. Rider’s volunteer work with ACEP enables her to recognize the biggest issues facing emergency physicians and gives her a platform to identify opportunities to collaborate on improvements for care teams and patients.

Along the way, her fellow committee members across the country have become colleagues and friends.

“Even though we don’t work together on a daily basis, I've learned a lot from fantastic colleagues who have truly become friends and part of my emergency medicine network. This tight-knit community has definitely been the most rewarding aspect.”

Getting involved with the committee helped affirm her skill set and set her focus on academic emergency medicine during her resident days. About a decade later, Dr. Rider is quick to encourage faculty to help get students and residents involved with ACEP and its many committees.

“We potentially underestimate how impactful this can be for our younger mentees, the next generation,” she said. 

Dr. Rider’s leadership role on a committee project related to outpatient care transitions stands out for its lasting impact on her career direction. 

“It was really one of my first experiences with mixed methods research. I had great mentorship, and I learned a lot of the skills that sparked my interest in research and gave me the confidence that this is something I could do,” she said.

Dr. Rider believes that working with ACEP helps her remember that the impact of emergency medicine is bigger than any individual institution.

“Getting involved on the national level through committee work lets you be part of the larger conversation and collaborate with motivated, talented colleagues to elevate our specialty.”

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