June 24, 2022

Sue Sedory’s Video Message

Hi, I'm Sue Sedory, and I'm the executive director for ACEP. It's likely you'll find yourself in an emergency department at some point.

More than one in three Americans do each year. And that's why ACEP exists. It is our mission to support and advocate for emergency physicians, and advanced high quality emergency care for Americans when they need it the most. In my role, I have the honor of making sure we deliver on that mission. I make sure all ACEP employees are treated with dignity and respect, and given the skills, the opportunities, the direction, and the resources they need to succeed. I also make sure our physician leaders and members feel engaged, informed, and inspired to help us achieve our mission. And I make sure ACEP is a trusted voice on behalf of our members, and the patients, and the public. What I enjoy most about working at ACEP is how connected we all are to achieving that promise. The passion that drives our physicians to be there for you and your family, 24/7, 365, reverberates through all of us. You'll see it in the loyalty of our staff, the dedication of our leaders, the innovativeness of our work, and the power of our voice. And to me, the best part is that it comes from a culture that is both highly professional and down to earth.

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