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"What's Your Moment?" Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners! Click on the names below to read the winning moments.

First Place: Stephanie B Benjamin, MD

Dr. Benjamin wins 1 (one) 4-day ACEP18 Registration

Second Place: Eligio S.V. Maghirang MD, FPCEM

Dr. Maghirang wins 2 (two) tickets to the ACEP18 President’s Gala

Third Place: Brian K. Sloan, MD, FACEP

Dr. Sloan wins a 1 (one) year subscription to PEER

Fourth Place: Jeffrey D. Lazar, MD

Dr. Lazar wins a 1 (one) year subscription to Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine

Fifth Place: Laura Janneck, MD, FACEP

Dr. Janneck wins an ACEP eCME Package: Updates and Advances in Trauma, Stroke, and Cardiovascular Emergencies 

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