Recent Reforms Enacted (since 2003) Statements of apology, sympathy or benevolence are not admissible. Experts witnesses must be in the same specialty as the defendant and must be practicing or teaching within the last five years. (2005)
Emergency Care Provision None
Reform Elements In Law $250K Cap
Joint Liability
Collateral Source
Periodic Payments
Expert Witness
I’m Sorry Law
Pre-Trial Screening
Constitutional Status of Reforms Information not available.
Change in Insurance Rates AMA reports at least one insurer raised rates as much as 25 to 40% in 2004. State Medical Society says rates rose from 50% to 100% from 2003-2005.
Insurance Availability The state medical society reports only two companies writing policies in 2005, with six leaving the state in preceding years.
Change in Physician Availability Information not available.
Change in Cases Filed/Awards 58 paid claims in 2003 or 27.5 per 1000 active nonfederal physicians. US avg. was 18.8 per 1000.  42 paid claims in 2005 or 20.3 per 1000 active nonfederal physicians. US avg. was 17.1 per 1000. (Kaiser) 45 total number of paid claims for 2006 or 17.5 per 1,000 active, non-federal physicians. 57 paid claims in 2007.
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