Report Findings on Special Liability Protection for Emergency Care

Report Findings on Liability Crisis Impact on Access to Emergency Care - 11/29/2012

Excerpts from reports from the General Accounting Office and the Center for Studying Health System Change that document the impact that liability issues are having on access to emergency care, particularly on-call services.


Arizona Task Force Report and Recommendations on the Emergency Care Crisis - 7/31/2012

A 2006 report from the Arizona Emergency Medical Services Access Task Force which recommended liability reforms as one key step in addressing the shortage of on-call services in the state.


Ensuring Access to Quality Emergency Care for the People of Michigan - 7/31/2012

A white paper by the Michigan College of Emergency Physicians addressing EMTALA related liability and establishing a gross negligence standard.


GAO Report on Implications of Rising Premiums on Access to Health Care - 7/24/2012

This 2003 report provides mixed reviews for the impact of liability reforms on access to care, but does offer evidence that meaningful reforms contain increases in liability premiums and that liability concerns have some impact on on-call availability.

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