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The Role of Emergency Physicians in the Care of Children

Reaffirmed June 2013, October 2007

Revised June 2001

Approved January 1996

Originally approved September 1989, rescinded June 1995


As an adjust to this policy statement, ACEP has prepared a policy resource and education paper (PREP) titled "Report of Preparedness of the Emergency Department for the Care of Children"


Emergency physicians treat the majority of acutely ill and injured children in the United States.

By virtue of their training and experience, emergency physicians are fully qualified to provide initial stabilization and treatment of childhood emergencies. In this capacity, emergency physicians:

  • Advocate for emergency preparedness for the care of sick and injured children by ensuring that policies, procedures, and environmental designs are determined by the unique needs of each emergency department and community.
  • Ensure quality, family-centered patient care and optimal access to facilities and specialists by collaborating with primary care providers and children and their families.
  • Educate staff on the option for family presence during procedures and resuscitations in the emergency department.
  • Promote injury and illness prevention for children, parents, and their community.
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