April 11, 2021

EM Physician Workforce of the Future Webinar - April 9, 2020

Two years ago, ACEP convened a coalition of valued partners - from, ABEM, ACEP, AOBEM, ACOEP, CORD, EMRA, SAEM - to build and methodically analyze a suite of research that details the current and projected supply and demand for emergency care.

The webinar from April 9, 2021 begins the conversations necessary to ensure we are working together to make data-driven decisions that help inform the next steps the specialty takes to mitigate current and anticipated impacts to emergency medicine.

We acknowledge that we do not yet have all the solutions to address market-driven industry instability, but we will make the most of every opportunity to partner and advocate in new ways, listen and learn from other specialties when and if appropriate, and – most importantly – leverage our expertise and influence more effectively.

ACEP is committed to leading the charge that calls all of us within the specialty of emergency medicine to work together. To influencing and supporting a landscape where we can produce and sustain a balanced, fulfilled and thriving workforce. And to ensuring that we can all continue to provide high-quality care with compassion and efficiency that meets the emergency medical needs of our patients.


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