June 18, 2021

EM Workforce Task Force History

Our specialty has been working for decades to meet the growing emergency medicine needs of our country.

We are also increasingly seeing external forces start to reshape our specialty and recognize that our profession will need to adapt to these trends as it has adapted since the specialty was born more than 50 years ago.

The Emergency Medicine Physician Workforce: Projections for 2030 research reflects that we are facing – for the first time in history – a likely oversupply of emergency physicians in the next decade.

The detailed report provides the first thorough, evidence-based validation of the trends that have been percolating in recent years. Read the full report. 

A public summit on April 9 reviewed the workforce report and started conversations about ways to determine a data-driven, forward-looking approach to protect and evolve the specialty.

History of the Taskforce

In 2018, ACEP invited all of the national emergency medicine organizations to participate on a task force to assess the current and future EM workforce and contract with an outside expert to review the literature and existing data on current and projected emergency medicine workforce needs and provide the specialty with an assessment of the future EM workforce.

In order to conduct the needed expert analysis, each organization involved contributed to a portion of the total cost of the study, with ACEP funding the majority of the effort and providing staff support to the task force.

Taskforce Members

All EM organizations were invited, but not all chose to participate. The following are the members of the Task Force and their supporting organizations:

  • AACEM - Deborah B. Diercks, MD, MSc, FACEP
  • ABEM – Robert Muelleman, MD, FACEP; Earl Reisdorff, MD, FACEP
  • ACEP – Catherine Marco, MD, FACEP – Taskforce Chair
  • ACOEP – Robert Suter, DO, MHA, FACEP
  • AOBEM – Bradley Chappell, DO, MHA
  • CORD – Fiona Gallahue, MD
  • EMRA – Nathan Vafaie, MD, MBA
  • SAEM – Mark Courtney, MD, MSCI, FACEP
  • Data analysis performed by Mr. Edward S. Salsberg, noted authority on physician workforce
  • ACEP Board Liaison - Christopher Kang, MD, FACEP
  • ACEP Staff Liaison - Sandra Schneider, MD, FACEP
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