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Looking to connect?

ACEP’s online community, engagED, is a great place to start. In addition to communities built around our sections and chapters, we have created several special interest groups which provide our members with a safe space to exchange ideas and address solutions to expanding universal challenges.


COVID-19 Communication Hub

Your home base for COVID-19 clinical discussion, established in an effort to marshal wisdom, create additional context and advance the pace of jurisdictional and CDC response.


COVID-19 - Economic and Social Impact Forum

The intent of this community is to provide members with an online forum to discuss the complex socioeconomic factors associated with COVID-19.


Let’s Talk Chatroom

This online community was specifically designed to create a safe space where peers can discuss ongoing challenges within their roles, ED’s, and life in general. Here, everyone has a voice and a platform where they can reach out to fellow colleagues for advice and encouragement pertaining to the internal and external factors that affect the balance of our wellness.


International Relief

In times of global conflict, many health care professionals are often on the frontlines of emergency care with emergency physicians. To help facilitate a place to post opportunities to serve and support, ACEP has created an International Relief forum where you can connect and convene.


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