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Use of the ACEP Mark (Logo)

General Statement

As a means of identifying publications, materials and services produced and/or endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians, a mark has been developed which is unmistakably its own.

This mark, which consists of a square comprised of 64 smaller squares in eight rows of eight squares, is uniquely identified by the absence of one smaller square which is fifth from the left in the third row from the top. The squares and the words "American College of Emergency Physicians" appearing together constitute the mark of the College.

The design, in use since 1968, has become recognized in the field of medicine as the mark of the American College of Emergency Physicians and unauthorized use of this mark is to be discouraged.


  1. The mark of the College shall be used only to identify publications, materials or services of the American College of Emergency Physicians or for such other uses as may be specifically authorized in writing by the College.

  2. The mark shall always be reproduced in a solid color, preferably black, and shall not have any other device superimposed. In cases where the mark is to be reproduced as part of a metallic device or is used as jewelry, a sample must be prepared and submitted for approval to ensure that the device meets the standards described in this policy.

  3. The "absent" square shall always be the fifth square from the left in the third row from the top. The "absent" square may be used in a position other than above the "I" in the word American, but shall always be the same size as the squares comprising the symbol and shall always be turned on a 45-degree angle to the vertical lines of the large square.

  4. No words other than "American College of Emergency Physicians" may be used in connection with the mark except terms identifying chapters, programs or activities of the College.

  5. Chapters wishing to use the mark of the College in connection with their publications and materials must obtain a reproduction proof of the mark from Headquarters and shall use it in accordance with written policy.

  6. Unauthorized use of the mark or use that does not conform to these policies will be vigorously opposed.

  7. Persons or organizations using the mark of the College in an unauthorized or nonconforming manner will be notified by certified letter that they must cease such use. A standard letter shall be sent from the Headquarters within 72 hours of being made aware of the misuse of the mark.

  8. Persons or organizations using a mark that is confusingly similar shall be asked to cease the use of such a mark in those cases where it appears to be used in an attempt to mislead or confuse. In cases where the user refuses to cease after notification by certified letter, an attempt will be made to make telephone contact. If direct contact fails to convince the user to cease using the mark, then the Executive Committee shall determine the appropriate course of action to be taken.

  9. The Executive Director shall take appropriate steps to protect the mark and will have the responsibility for implementation of this policy.

  10. Changes in this written policy must have the approval of the Board of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Revised by the Board of Directors on September 18-19, 1986.

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