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Acute Unscheduled Care Model

As Medicare and other payers move away from fee-for-service toward more value-based care, ACEP has taken a leading role in putting emergency physicians in the driver’s seat to help manage this transition by developing the first, and only, emergency medicine-specific alternative payment model (APM), the Acute Unscheduled Care Model (AUCM).  

Wondering what an APM is? How will the AUCM impact you? Visit our APM FAQ for more information.

In September 2019, HHS Secretary Alex Azar responded that he believes the core concepts of the AUCM should be incorporated into the APMs that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)’ Innovation Center (CMMI) is developing. While this is exciting news and an important step in the process of getting an emergency medicine-focused APM like AUCM implemented, it’s now up to CMMI to conduct the work to carry out the HHS Secretary’s request.

Since it could take months for CMMI to begin incorporating the Acute Unscheduled Care Model into the APMs it is developing, ACEP has started its own APM Initiative to promote participation in emergency medicine-focused APMs for other payers beyond Medicare. ACEP is in the process of developing information and resources to help our members:

  • Engage with Medicaid offices and private payers on APMs;
  • Decide whether or not to participate in an APM; and
  • Learn how to be successful in an APM.

ACEP will post these resources as they are developed. For more information on APMs and the Acute Unscheduled Care Model, see our FAQ

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