Federal Advocacy Overview

A Unified Voice for Emergency Physicians

"Emergency medicine is being attacked from all sides. We need to fight for our patients, friends and family."

Ryan Stanton, MD, FACEP

ACEP is an active force in Washington, D.C., working on important issues that affect emergency medical care. ACEP's federal advocacy efforts revolve around one thing: ensuring that life-saving emergency care is there when it's needed nationwide. Through the 911 Legislative Grassroots Network, ACEP empowers members to cultivate long-term relationships with federal legislators and their staff to convey ACEP’s legislative priorities in an effective manner. The National Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee (NEMPAC) is ACEP’s bi-partisan political action committee through which ACEP members can collectively support the election or re-election of federal candidates who share their commitment to emergency medicine and patients. Click here to see the list of current legislative proposals that ACEP is advocating for. 

In addition, to advocacy on Capitol Hill, ACEP monitors and responses to federal regulations and other policies developed by federal agencies, such as Medicare and Medicaid to advocate on behalf of our members to reduce burdensome requirements that impact their ability to treat patients, improve federal reimbursement, and eliminate unfair billing practices instituted by payers that potentially violate federal laws and regulations such as EMTALA and the prudent layperson standard. Check out our Regs & Eggs blog for the latest regulatory updates.

At the May 25, 2021 meeting of the United States Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP), Senator Tim Kaine thanked ACEP for its support of S. 610, the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act. This important legislation would begin to address the growing mental health crisis among health care workers, and ACEP is proud to support it.

Check out the latest version of Capital (30) Minutes to hear about ACEP's current federal advocacy efforts from ACEP Associate Executive Director for Public Affairs Laura Wooster.

Current Advocacy Initiatives


Surprise Billing

Potential 2021 E/M Cuts

EHR Burden

Medicare Reimbursement

Medicare / Medicaid

Drug Shortages

Emergency Medicine APMs

Mental Health

Health Care Reform

Access to EM

Liability Reform

Value of EM

Letters to Congress

ED Violence

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