March 10, 2023

Determining Needs for Anticoagulation and Anticoagulation Agents - Part 7 of 7

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- [Salim] Welcome to Micro Ed, quick facts for big issues. My name is Salim Razaie,Community ER doc in San Antonio, Texas. This is part four of the atrial fibrillation series, options for chemical cardioversion. Now, we already discussed in part three that electrical cardioversion is significantly more effective than pharmacologic cardioversion. Now, in some patients, electrical cardioversion may not be an option after discussion and shared decision making. Maybe pharmacologic cardioversion would be an option. This will always be in conjunction with cardiology or a discussion with cardiology. Now, instead of specifically going through all the doses of medications, I'm just gonna go through a list of potentialoptions. Procainamide, Class 1C agents, including flecainide and profafenone, ClassIII agents, like ibutilide, dofetilide or amiodarone. And then the new kid on the street, vernakalant, which is an IV infusion that's given over several minutes. Well, I hope that was helpful, thank you for tuning in and stay tuned for part five, where we'll discuss rate control strategies.

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