February 27, 2024

Donning & Doffing

Dr. Hays discusses the steps when Donning & Doffing your personal protective equipment.

Faculty: Dr. Geoffrey Hays MD.

Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics | Department of Emergency Medicine | Department of Pediatrics

Program Director | Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics Combined Residency | Assistant Program Director | Emergency Medicine Categorical Residency

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- I'm Dr. Geoffrey Hays, and today we are going to discuss proper donning and doffing techniques. While there may be many ways to don and doff, it is important to practice using your healthcare facility's procedures. Here are the steps I take when donning my PPE. First, sanitize your hands. Gather all needed supplies, and check them for integrity, ensuring there are no holes or tears. Then sanitize your hands again. Apply the gown, tying all straps. Next, place on your respirator. Place the mask into your non-dominant hand and hold against your face. Gently pull the bottom strap over your head and place low on your neck. Repeat the process with the top strap, placing it over the crown of your head. Adjust the fit, bending the nasal bar to fit snugly and ensure no air leakage. Apply eye protection or a face mask. If using a face mask, place the pad against your forehead and pull the strap around to the back of your head. Perform hand hygiene again. Put on gloves and pull the cuffs up to ensure that they cover the sleeves of your gown. You are now ready for patient care. Doffing PPE can be a bit more tricky and careful steps need to be taken to avoid self-contamination. First, sanitize your gloves and remove them using the glove-in-glove technique. Unfasten the ties of your gown and pull it away from your neck and shoulders, touching only the inside. Pull your hands into the sleeves and with protected hands, pull the gown down and away from yourself. Turn inside out and roll into a bundle to discard. Perform hand hygiene. Next, remove your face shield by grasping the straps from the back or top of your head while leaning forward. Pull away from your face and discard. Finally, remove your respirator. Pull the straps away from the back of your head, starting with the lower one. Lean forward and gently pull it up and away from your face and neck and over your head. Repeat with the top strap. Do not touch the front of the mask as it is contaminated. And finally, perform hand hygiene. Maintaining proper procedure can help you get the most out of this equipment and help you avoid contaminating yourself while using them.

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