April 9, 2020

ACEP Statement: Role of Pediatric EM in COVID-19

ACEP recognizes that the training* of the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) based Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) physician may allow these individuals to safely care for certain patients with common disease patterns that extend beyond traditionally assigned age limits.

ACEP supports redeployment and utilization of ABP boarded/eligible PEM providers to meet the increased demand for care of patients during the current COVID-19 pandemic situation that overwhelms local or regional healthcare systems, or to improve institutional pediatric readiness.

ACEP appreciates the preparation and efforts already implemented by pediatric and PEM providers in pediatric emergency departments and hospitals targeted to meet the current and anticipated surge demands for care of patients outside the typical pediatric age range.

*occurring both in medical school and during reciprocal training during fellowship (i.e. training in a specialty reciprocal to the fellow’s prior residency)


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