March 13, 2020

ACEP Sends Letter to HHS Secretary Outlining COVID-19 Policy Priorities

It is critical to ensure that our nation’s emergency physicians and health care system have the resources they need to treat patients in response to what is now a global pandemic.

The situation on the ground is constantly changing, and the Trump Administration has continued to provide information about the disease to patients, health care professionals, health plans, and other stakeholders as new evidence and data become available, releasing new or revised guidance, fact sheets, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

ACEP has carefully tracked the numerous actions the Administration has taken and has worked to update our members and the patients we serve with critical information. While we appreciate the information and guidance the Administration has released thus far, we have identified some key gaps that, if addressed, could help provide the clarity and flexibility that will be necessary to protect both patients and front-line health care workers in the challenging weeks that lie ahead. 

Read ACEP's letter to the Secretary outlining these gaps and how HHS can potentially address them.


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