Board Nominations

Nominations for National ACEP Board of Directors – NOW CLOSED

The 2022 candidates have been announced.


March 8, 2022 - Nominations for the ACEP Board of Directors were due.

March 16, 2022 – The Nominating Committee convened to select the slate of candidates for the 2022 ACEP President-Elect and Board of Directors elections.


The ACEP Nominating Committee accepts nominations from individuals and component bodies for the national ACEP Board of Directors. A true measure of a leader is knowing when it is time to accept the challenge of leadership. One must carefully consider their education, life experiences, and potential to determine when they are ready to lead. If you know you are ready to lead, take the initiative to contact your component body president or section chair to express your interest in nomination, and ask that a letter of support be submitted on your behalf. 

To qualify for a Board position, a candidate should:

  • be highly motivated to serve ACEP and be committed for three years for a Board position
  • be an ACEP member in good standing with no delinquent dues;
  • be an ACEP member for at least five years;
  • show evidence of ACEP involvement in both national and chapter activities (such as current or past chapter officer, current or past national committee leadership, current or past Council membership, or current or past section leadership);
  • show chapter and/or section support for candidacy.


The process confirms that each nominee’s membership is in good standing and they have confirmed their willingness to serve a three-year term to the Board, superseding all other outside organizational involvement if elected.

Through this deliberative process, every committee member independently and objectively reviews each nominee’s supporting documents and curricula vitae, prior to the meeting, to assess their engagement in the specialty of emergency medicine, life experiences, and leadership history. Ideally, candidates will have more than five years of ongoing membership and a proven history of leadership within ACEP.

Collectively, the committee evaluates each nominee’s qualifications, both new applicants and incumbents in terms of: service to the College through work with state chapters, section leadership, national ACEP committees, and Council; ability to contribute as a thought leader; and capacity to uphold ACEP’s mission and ideals.

The committee is tasked with selecting an inclusive slate of candidates who:

  • represent the diverse nature of our membership
  • offer a diversity of thought and depth of expertise
  • have a comprehensive understanding and a willingness to speak knowledgeably on a range of emergency medicine priorities
  • will contribute to a collaborative, decisive leadership body for ACEP

Each of the nominees will be notified regarding their nomination status after the slate is finalized. Nominees selected as candidates by the Nominating Committee will move forward in the election process. Nominees not selected have the option to seek nomination from the Council floor in accordance with the Council Standing Rules. All floor candidates must notify the Council Speaker of their intentions in writing. Upon receipt of this written notification, the candidate becomes a “declared floor candidate,” with all the rights and responsibilities of candidates otherwise nominated by the Nominating Committee, and must comply with all rules and requirements of the candidates. Additional details may be found in the ACEP bylaws.


Nominated and floor candidates are presented to the ACEP Council, a deliberative body made up of members representing ACEP’s 53 chartered chapters, its Sections of membership, the AACEM, CORD, EMRA and SAEM.

Each year Council elects the ACEP President-Elect and members to the Board of Directors. Every other year, Council elects the Council Speaker and Vice Speaker. Election by Council ensures grassroots involvement in the democratic decision-making process.

Elections for the 2022 Board of Directors and ACEP President-Elect will occur on Friday, September 30, 2022, during the Council meeting in San Francisco, CA.

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