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Call for Board, Council Nominations

Nominations for National ACEP Board of Directors - SUBMIT BY  April 16, 2020. 


The ACEP Nominating Committee is accepting individual and component body recommendations for Board of Directors. 

To qualify for a Board position, a candidate must:

  • be highly motivated to serve ACEP and be committed for three years for a Board position;
  • be an ACEP member in good standing with no delinquent dues;
  • be an ACEP member for at least five years;
  • show evidence of ACEP involvement in both national and chapter activities (such as current or past chapter officer, current or past national committee leadership, current or past Council membership, or current or past section leadership);
  • show chapter and/or section support for candidacy.

Submit nominations to:

Nominating Committee
P.O. Box 619911
Dallas, TX 75261-9911

Nominations may also be submitted by email to nominations@acep.org or fax to 972-580-2816, All nominations must be postmarked, emailed, or faxed no later than April 16, 2020.

Elections for the Board of Directors will occur on Sunday, October 25, 2020, during the Council meeting in Dallas, TX. 

Please contact Sonja Montgomery, CAE, at 800-798-1822, ext. 3202, or by email at smontgomery@acep.org if you have any questions about the nomination process.


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